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SolarSound Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker/Power Bank

The ZeroLemon SolarSound Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker/Power Bank is another great product by ZeroLemon. This is an excellent Bluetooth speaker but they didn’t stop there. It also includes a 10000mAh Li-polymer battery. That includes solar and cable charging supported. The speaker itself is a handy size and puts out a fantastic sound quality. I was amazed the first time I listened to it. To get the most out of the speaker they included an SD card slot and you can load it with music and play it from the card without having to connect anything to the speaker via Bluetooth but of course the Bluetooth connects easily and works great also. If you are in the market for a Bluetooth enabled speaker, I highly recommend the ZeroLemon SolarSound Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker/ Power Bank. I realize it’s hard to get the full sound experience, listening thru another device but I have included a short video with the speaker and you can get an idea of the sound quality. Have any questions or comments? Drop me a note!

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