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WordPress Ultra Protection Plan by Mike4Tech

Eliminate guess work and down time with our WordPress Ultra Protection Plan by Mike4Tech.

  • Quarterly Website Maintenance Work
  • Reporting on potential trouble before it happens
  • On demand trouble shooting and repair with fast turn around (24 hour max turn time)

To get started, simply purchase the Ultimate Protection Plan and provide an admin login to your website.
Terms & Conditions –
$79 per year
$10 per month (one year commitment)
$20 per instance

Expert, Excellent, Extraordinary, Efficient…Mike Crabill knows what he is doing when it comes to all things website. He has been able to help me overcome every obstacle to make my website technically ready for the internet e-commerce cyber-world. I highly recommend his services as reliable, reasonable, and remarkable. He cares. Call Mike!

Valerie Knies


“What I value about Mike is that he is thorough and he cares about me and what I do. In other words, he understands the importance of my online presence and does everything he can to keep me up and running. I know I can count on him to take care of whatever needs to be done.”

Jim Lange

Author, Speaker, Coach,

Over the past few years, Mike Crabill has saved me numerous times from the seaweed sea of technical messes that often takes place with websites, computer repairs, Iphones and more. I’ve been able to trust him invariably, as he has the knowledge and wisdom to get the worst problems and concerns straightened out . Mike has also helped with the decision making of what software and hardware to purchase, saving me both time and money.

Debra Carr

Founder, Image for MEN

Building and maintaining a website takes both creative and technical skills and energy. I leave the technical tasks to Mike. You imagine it and he makes it come to life.

Dave Crabill

Owner, Eclectic Sales & Creative Marketing, LLC

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