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WordPress Extended Widget Options Plugin:

WordPress is easily customized using themes, plugins, shortcodes and custom coding. The selection of plugins and other means of customizing a WordPress site is virtually endless. There is one plugin that stands out in it’s ability to modify the appearance of a WordPress site. The “Extended Widget Options Plugin” facilitates altering the usage of widgets in a vast amount of ways. Using the “WordPress Extended Widget Options Plugin” makes it very easy to alter when and where a given widget will show up and to whom it will be shown to. You can control widgets by the type device being viewed with, by the time or date being viewed and more. Each aspect of the widget can be customized including altering appearance, content, when and who can see it.

For instance if you have a special offer that you only want to be seen for a few hours or days, you can set that up using this plugin. You can also have it so only certain user roles can see whatever you have in the widget. The appearance can be customized also including adding background images to the widget.

The list of variables that can be altered is extensive and rather than try and list it all here, I will just refer you to the developers site for the complete story. If you want to get the most out of your site, the “Widget Options” plugin is a must have! Get the complete information here!

WordPress Extended Widget Options Plugin

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