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WordPress Plugins

Custom plugins are designed to extend the WordPress content and features. We have developed a wide range of plugins to cover a variety of needs. We are adding new plugins regularly so come back frequently to see what we have developed lately. If you have a specific need or idea for a custom plugin, please contact me.

Widget Plugins

Utility Plugins

Newsletter Plugins

Membership Plugins

Quality Plugins

Our plugins are developed using the latest in development software and maintained to keep up to date and secure for your protection and ease of use. We have a large selection of plugins that all you have to do is install and then “Set it and forget it”, they just keep working in the background without need for intervention.


We have plugins to help and make you more productive.

Social Networking

We have plugins to help with Social Networking and help you maximize your efforts.

World-Class Productivity

WordPress Plugins Allow The Flexibility To Add The EXACT Functions Needed Plus Enhance The Front End & Admin Displays.

Fast & Easy Work

Plugins to simplify and expedite features.

Create Results

Create viral sign-up forms and viral videos.

Plugin Features

The plugins cover a wide range of features.


Give your visitors between 1 minute and 15 minutes to act.

Tweet-to Unlock

To obtain the download, visitors tweet about your page, driving the traffic to it.

Sign-up to Unlock

To obtain the download, visitors sign up to your list.

Fast Action

You can get the autoresponder opt-on, social media sharing, and call-to-action to appear at the time you specify

Site Crawler

Crawler Boss is a crawler/bot/spider application, which crawls the specified URL, and creates the table of contents with the findings, including the SEO analysis and the resulting 25 keywords.

Lightbox Four

Lightbox Four is an extremely lightweight plugin, controlled with the single shortcode, that allows you to display the thumbnails comprising 4 images, that open up a lightbox to showcase 4 much larger images.

Thumb Optimizer

This plugin improves the image resizing, resulting in sharper, crispier and better-defined thumbnails. Set it and forget it!

Stop Comment URL

Use this plugin to completely remove the URL field from the comments form.

Stop Autolinking

Use this plugin to stop the auto-conversion of links in comments.

Lightbox Four

Mike4Tech Lightbox Four is an extremely lightweight plugin, controlled with the single shortcode, that allows you to display the thumbnails comprising 4 images, that open up a lightbox to showcase 4 much larger images.

Total Users

This plugin allows you automatically show the total number of registered users in a widget.

RSS Images

This plugin allows you to easily extend post thumbnail or featured images to your RSS feed.

No Index

There are situations when you do NOT want your page or a post to get indexed by the search engines:

From Sender

If you allow people to sign up as members of your WordPress site, retrieve or change the password, etc, then they receive the notification messagess whereby the FROM fields (Name and Email) of all messages are using the defaults – which cannot be changed…

Contest Pro

Contest Pro is a plugin designed to create well-designed, customizable and responsive contest pages to help you build your email lists.

Invoice Boss

Invoice Boss lets you create great-looking and highly personalized pricing pages for your clients.

Above is a sampler of the custom plugins available.


Building and maintaining a website takes both creative and technical skills and energy. I leave the technical tasks to Mike. You imagine it and he makes it come to life.
I use Mike to keep all of my computers running; which are the life blood of my business. He gets the job done and doesn’t break the bank! I recommend Mike for your computer needs.


Owner, Eclectic Sales & Creative Marketing LLC

Over the past few years, Mike Crabill has saved me numerous times from the seaweed sea of technical messes that often takes place with websites, computer repairs, Iphones and more. I’ve been able to trust him invariably, as he has the knowledge and wisdom to get the…

Debra Carr

Image Consultant, Image For Men

Mike has been a great help to me. He has been fast with his help and answers and hasn’t let me down. I will recommend him to my friends and anyone who wants to get a good answer to their problems.

Cheryl Hooker

Grab one now!

Check out the full selection of custom plugins and find something that will help you. If you have a need but don’t see a plugin that will do the job, contact me and let me know what you need.

Latest News & Updates

New plugins are being developed frequently, check back often to see what is new. I will also provide information for any new methods or tools for Internet Marketing, as I find quality worthwhile programs and information. I’m always looking to learn more, so you never know what I will come up with next, you may just find what you’ve been looking for, if you check back from time to time.

James Knies Testimonial

James Knies Testimonial

James Knies Testimonial I was looking for a website designer after having a few unfortunate experiences in the past. I wanted someone who is creative, cost-efficient, easy to work with, and gets work done quickly and efficiently. Not only did Mike meet all my...

Valerie Knies Testimonial

Expert, Excellent, Extraordinary, Efficient...Mike Crabill knows what he is doing when it comes to all things website. He has been able to help me overcome every obstacle to make my website technically ready for the internet e-commerce...

Jim Lange

"What I value about Mike is that he is thorough and he cares about me and what I do. In other words, he understands the importance of my online presence and does everything he can to keep me up and running. I know I can count on him to take care of...

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