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Some Drone entertainment in the form of a Novel

“This book is fast-paced and action-packed, with multiple interesting twists.”

– Valerie Thomas, author of Auburn: Outcasts and Underdogs

“UAV is reminiscent of a James Rollins adventure, and I found myself staying up with it into the night, until I finished it.”

– Richard Becker, author of The Catch

BOOK DESCRIPTION: When mercenaries kidnap two drone operators and steal the software that can control drones anywhere in the world, Kate Allison is called to action to try and stop them before they can use the drones against civilians. Kate is a strong woman with a sordid history who is trying to make up for past mistakes.

She teams up with the unlikeliest of partners in her mission: Lyle Goldman, the application developer who designed the drone software. He’s her only hope of finding a way to shut down the mercenaries and figure out who is behind the attack. Unfortunately, Lyle is also being hunted by the FBI in connection with the stolen software and is being framed for the crime.

Can they stop this attack and clear Lyle’s name before it is too late?

UAV is a thriller featuring a strong female character that takes place all over the globe. It is packed with near constant action. It is at times funny, hopeful, and energetic as it keeps readers engaged at every turn.


Helen Arden typed a sequence of commands into her keyboard and glanced out the window at the street below. She was on the third floor of the Siddiq Trade Center, overlooking Jail Street where Victor and the rest of the crew were assembled.

She was average height, attractive if a bit skinny, with brunette hair and soft features. She rarely bothered to wear make-up or fix up her hair, because she spent most of her time with computers.

She was also the newest member of Victor’s team, this being only her second time out in the field. She had worked with Victor before, but from a distance usually in a lab with other analysts.

She had offered to join Victor because he had been the one running the operation that got her sister killed a few weeks ago. Helen wanted to know what had happened to her big sister, and no one seemed to know outside of Victor’s team.

She glanced out the window and tried to locate Victor or Frances in the sea of people. They were somewhere below. Had they seen the lights? She hoped so, because none of the team were in her vantage. All she could see was a throng of locals going about their daily lives like nothing was wrong.

How many will die today?

She didn’t want to think about that. If things went well, none would. Not civilians, anyway.

Her phone started ringing. She glanced at it, then clicked the connect button:

“Mom, this isn’t a good time.”

“Helen,” her mother said. “Where were you?”

“You couldn’t make it to your own sister’s funeral?”

Helen felt a tightness in her chest. “I was busy.”

“You’re still working for that company aren’t you? You promised your sister that you would quit?”

“I know,” Helen said. “But there isn’t much point in that now, is there?”

“She didn’t want this life for you,” her mother said. “I don’t either.”

“We don’t want a lot of things,” Helen said. “I need to—”

“Is this how you honor her memory, by risking your life like she did? You always looked up to her, but that’s no excuse for getting yourself killed.”

Helen was silent for a moment. When she spoke, her voice was icy: “There was no reason for her to get herself killed either. Look where that got us?”


“Mom, I need to go,” Helen said, hanging up the phone.

She let out a deep breath and tried to clear her mind, pushing the concerns away. She felt unsettled with an aching feeling in her stomach. It had been two weeks since her sister had been killed and she hated being reminded of it.

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