James Knies Testimonial

James Knies Testimonial

James Knies Testimonial I was looking for a website designer after having a few unfortunate experiences in the past. I wanted someone who is creative, cost-efficient, easy to work with, and gets work done quickly and efficiently. Not only did Mike meet all my...

Valerie Knies Testimonial

Expert, Excellent, Extraordinary, Efficient...Mike Crabill knows what he is doing when it comes to all things website. He has been able to help me overcome every obstacle to make my website technically ready for the internet e-commerce...

Jim Lange

"What I value about Mike is that he is thorough and he cares about me and what I do. In other words, he understands the importance of my online presence and does everything he can to keep me up and running. I know I can count on him to take care of...

Jerry R

Mike's services are great. He has fixed many problems. Each and every time that I have I have used his services from far away, Mike has fixed the computer for a very reasonable fee. And, no shipping fee was required, since my computer stay in...

Diana Lew

Mike is my go to guy for all my computer needs. He can connect to my computer in Colorado from Michigan to help me and he is building my website for me.Diana Lew - Colorado Springs, CO

Cheryl Hooker

Mike has been a great help to me. He has been fast with his help and answers and hasn't let me down. I will recommend him to my friends and anyone who wants to get a good answer to their problems. Cheryl Hooker Willcox, AZ

DaveC Web Development

Building and maintaining a website takes both creative and technical skills and energy. I leave the technical tasks to Mike. You imagine it and he makes it come to life.DaveC Flint, MI


I use Mike to keep all of my computers running; which are the life blood of my business. He gets the job done and doesn’t break the bank! I recommend Mike for your computer needs.DaveC Flint, MI

Debra Carr

Over the past few years, Mike Crabill has saved me numerous times from the seaweed sea of technical messes that often takes place with websites, computer repairs, Iphones and more. I’ve been able to trust him invariably, as he has the knowledge...

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