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Squirrly SEO

Get Excellent SEO on all your Articles, Pages and WooCommerce products. For both Humans and Search Engines.

All White-hat and up-to-date. Customer Service included on the free plans.

The only WordPress SEO plugin that offers Assisted SEO and all the on-page tools you need to take your site from “Never Found” to Always Found on search engines like Google and Bing.

While Assistant Technology like: Intelligent Parking Assist helps you park your car safely, Squirrly SEO helps you place your pages safely in top positions.

More than that, some of the Assisted SEO features we have on-board actually help you find spots on search engines, where you’ll easily park your pages and nobody will bother you (because the competition will be low, even though these spots could earn you many organic visits).

Squirrly SEO gives you the Knowledge + Tools + Guidance you need to shift your SEO Results into top Gear:

  • The Knowledge to take the blindfold off and maximize your level of SEO awareness. Step-by-step process with learning on the way, which makes it great for those who are not SEO experts. You’ll get free coaching sessions to master the basics of SEO and conquer the advanced tactics.
  • The Tools you need to successfully implement the best SEO tactics. Top automation features to work smarter and more efficient, from Keyword Research, On-Page Optimization, to a Weekly SEO Audit and everything in between.
  • The Guidance to keep you focused and always moving forward through changing SEO scenery, Google updates and more. You’ll benefit from constant in-plugin guidance and Assistants, as well as the fact that we’re continually adding new features to meet your evolving needs.

It’s this combination of tools and guidance that helped our users rank their sites on the 1st Page of Google and grow their organic traffic by at least +285%.

Unlock Organic Growth via Search Engines Today!

There’s no other WordPress SEO Plugin to offer you all this power. You could only get it by purchasing many other tools separately, as shown below.

Squirrly SEO comparison
Maximize your SEO now and reap the benefits of a complete SEO tool and get improved site ranking!

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